Myths And Facts About OilySEN (Oily Skin Essential Needs)

Myth About Moisturising  

Myth: 1 (most popular)

Using moisturisers                          PSX_20150322_021506
causes the
skin to produce more oil

Fact :
Every skin needs hydration
inside and outside. Use gel, fluid
or oil free based moisturisers

[Extra: Moisturising is important both inside and outside, so it’s highly recommended to atleast drink 2.8 litres of water a day].


This Aloe Vera Gelly moisturiser by Forever Living Product and the aloe vera gel by aloe pura are examples of a gel based moisturiser ideal for oily and sensitive skin types. They are both very lightweight moisturisers that is quickly absorbed directly into the skin, leaving a matte finish result on the skin. A very effective product for combating oiliness, with a soothing and cooling effect and is ideal for use in warmer climates or warmer seasons. Perfect for spring and summer time. For more informations, products and to purchase this product go to the Forever living product website

PSX_20150322_030844                             This Aloe Lotion also by Forever Living products is an example of a fluid based moisturiser, however it has a rich fromula than other fluid moisturisers; hence ideal for use on oily skin in colder and drier seasons, which would help to stop the skin from producing more oily because of the dry environment. It is enriched with jojoba oil and vitamin E, these two essential ingredients greatly improves the skin’s appearance and texture on days that the weather dries up the moisture on this skin, giving it a rough appearance and feel. its rich formula makes it ideal for use in drier or colder climates and is my “go-to” winter moisturiser for day and night times. it quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves a slight dewy finish. Perfect for Autumn and Winter seasons. Suitable for All skin types. For more informations, products and to purchase this product go to the Forever living product website

PSX_20150322_025243                                     This Aloe Propolis Creme is also by Forever Living Product, this moisturiser is my example of an oil-free based moisturer. I think it is certainly appropriate to label this product as ‘THE HOLYGRAIL’ moisturiser for oily skin. I can’t rave about this product enough (will write a much elaborate post on this product in future blogpost- stay tuned!) this product is truly the best. Right! let’s get into it, this ‘CREME’ moisturiser  has a balmy texture to it sort of like the feel of raw, organic and unprocessed cocoa butter and appears as it too. This moisturiser keeps the skin looking matte throughout the day with no shine in sight (no exaggeration), it is absorbed into the skin and keeps the skin moisturised all day. Absolutely perfect for spring and summer or in warmer climates. Ideal for Oily to Very Oily skin type. READ MORE of this product and how i discovered it. For more informations, products and to purchase this product go to the forever living product website.

 Myth About Exfoliating

Myth: 2

Exfoliating everyday
keeps shine at bay.

Fact :

Exfoliating helps remove
dead skin cells but can be
harmful and spread
bacteria if done everyday.


This Forever Aloe Scrub, Guessed it, Another Forever Living Product. It is very gentle and contains microspheres of jojoba which helps protect the skin from drying. it has a creamy formula with tiny grains that are gentle on the skin. This is a very good product and to be used atleast twice a week. Perfect for exfoliating the skin on all skin types, it thoroughly unclogges pores and lessens the apearance of enlarged pores which tends to occur with oily skin, but yet gentle enough not to drain the skin off its natural oils; hence combats excessive oil production.  Lasting results of noticeably clearer and smoother skin.  For more informations, products and to purchase this product go to the Forever Living Product Website

PSX_20150322_020631                              This face Mask is from the Jan Marini Skin Zyme Product line, this is another alternative for exfoliating from the high-end product range. It conatins green papaya enzyme, which helps to remove build up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. This product is effective as it mildly exfoliates and moisturises at the same time, producing a very noticeable healthy glowy skin. Great for mild exfoliation. Suitable for All skin types. For more informations, products and to purchase this product go to this website for a more afordable price plus free fast delivery

PSX_20150322_030025This Clean Zyme Face Cleanser also from Jan Marini, is optionally used to remove the Skin Zyme Mask. When massaged onto the skin it creates an emulsification effect which helps to further remove dead skin cells. This cleanser is very mild and can be used everyday in replace of your normal face cleanser. it also visibly exfoliates the skin when used by itself without the mask. Ideal for all skin types and suitable for sensitive skin. For more informations, products and to purchase this product go to this website for a more afordable price plus free fast delivery

Myth about Skin Cleansing (including Drugstore Products)

   Myth: 3

To prevent blemishes,
totally strip the skin off oil

Just like exfoliating,
excessive cleansing can
damage the skin layers and
increase oil and skin sensitivity.


This Garnier fresh clarifying face wash is from the Skin naturals Line. It contains Green Tea and Moringa extracts, which helps to purify and unclog the pores from excess sebum accumulation. This wash is suitable for oily skin and sensitive skin type, aswell as combination skin. This is a very good drugstore product. This Garnier wash is my current everyday face wash, it rids the skin off all the grime and oil build up, without drying the skin. Ideal for Oily and sensitive Skin type. Find at your local drugstore or beautystore.

This face wipe from Nivea is another alternative to face cleansing. This face wipe is from the Nivea Pure and Natural Skin care range . It contains Argan oil and bio Aloe Vera, which helps to moisturise and protect the skin and this also makes it very suitable for sensitive skin types. it effectively gets rid off all the dirt and grime your skin collected throughout the day. Just one wipe is enough to do the job, but if you’re feeling generous then use more.Find at your local drugstore or beautystore.

face wipe

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