Skincare Hit & Miss 2017| Oilysen

Hi Oilysens back again as promised with a hit and miss skincare post for you all still featuring products from The Bodyshop. Hope you Enjoy!

The Bodyshop Tea Tree Mattifying lotion

The Bodyshop Tea Tree Mattifying lotion

I would like to start this off on a high note with the hit and this is The Bodyshop Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion. Now for all you Oilysens out there, this product right here is ‘the ish’! Yes, because it moisturises my face and leaves it supple and soft and yet matte. Plus as a bonus, it  works well on my skin as a prep foundation base or primer and retails about £9 in store and online. As you can see from the product picture, it is from the Bodyshop Tea Tree range which is one of their best skincare line. It also has a sort of cooling effect when applied on a freshly cleansed skin. This product has worked really well for me as a moisturiser for my very oily and sensitive skin which is great because as you Oilysens might know, it’s quite difficult to find a product that moisturises and yet keeps the skin matte with a soft supple touch to it. I can’t rave enough about this product and it safe to give it a five star rating. Plus it’s a great use for all seasons and it is currently in my winter skincare regimen too. (comment below if you would like to a post on my updated skincare routine)

The Bodyshop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

The Bodyshop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

Well You probably might have guessed the ‘miss’ by now. After reading some mixed reviews of this product on The Bodyshop website, I thought to purchase this product and try it out myself. This product is also from the Tea Tree skincare line and this is their pore minimiser lotion. Now let me just say that this does nothing that it describes to do, well on my skin. As you may or may not know, as an Oilysen, I have a very oily skin which was “blessed” (will keep it on a light note because it is 2017) with very enlarged pores, so I find it disappointing that this product’s title is very misleading for people like us Oilysens. Plus this product makes my skin appear rough and feel rough and not moisturised unlike the Tea Tree Mattifying lotion. It has a creamy colour and texture and has a more pungent tea tree scent to it. It retails about £8.50 in price and not worth the price in my opinion. Nothing much to say about this product, it just didn’t work well on my skin nor minimise my pores in the slightest. However don’t just take my word for it, and try it out for yourself, never know it might work well for you.

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Disclaimer: Post not sponsored just my honest review.  For this products please visit TheBodyshop website.

Please comment below on what post you would like for me to do next or any other product reviews.

Until Next time Oilysens…

Next post on my favourite Clay Mask.

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