Morning Skincare Routine/ Make-up Routine

Last Blog Post was about my night time skincare routine, so today I’ll be sharing with you all my morning skincare routine or make-up routine. I’ll be talking about my favourite make-up products, some of which are old and some newly discovered ones. Let’s get right into it.

Make-up Routine

Make-up Routine

This Image on the left is practically most of the product I use for my morning routine, if not all (I don’t own as much make-up products as I do of skincare).

So to start off, of course I wash my face with my Simple Triple Action face Wash whilst in the shower and then I come out of the shower and let my face air dry (I never use a towel or anything else to dry my face), then I go ahead and apply my favourite duo which are the Bodyshop Tea Tree mattifying face toner and the Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution drops. I apply the toner on a cotton pad and swipe it all over my face and neck and then apply the solution drops to keep those pesky spots away and maintain clear skin

After that, I go ahead and apply my moisturiser, now to moisturise, I use the Bodyshop Tea Tree mattifying lotion (as shown in the image above) as this helps keep my skin matte for longer and a very nice make-up base (also good for normal and combination skin).

Bodyshop All In One Universal Instablur

Bodyshop All In One Universal Instablur

After moisturising, I then apply this product by the Bodyshop, which is the All in one universal Instablur, I apply this as a primer to keep the oiliness at bay (This is the best and the only primer I own). Believe me when I say this product does what it actually says, it definitely blurs, I instantly notice a matte and even skin finish. I mostly focus this product on my T-zone area and especially on my nose and cheeks, because these are where my large pores are the most prominent.


Brow gel - Brow Drama (translucent) by Maybelline Brow Pencil - Brow Satin (medium brown) by Maybelline

Brow gel – Brow Drama (translucent) by Maybelline
Brow Pencil – Brow Satin (medium brown) by Maybelline

After I apply my primer, I then proceed to filling in my brows. I naturally have quite thick full brows but I like to define them a little more but keep them looking naturally. This Brow Drama brow gel and the Brow Satin brow pencil Product duo by Maybelline has been one of the best I have used so far, (I used to love the H&M brow powder but I think they have changed the formula). First I use the Brow Drama brow gel to prep and neaten up my brows,  then I let it dry a little bit and use the Brow Satin brow pencil to lightly fill in my brows. If you like to have a naturally looking brow but also defined and pigmented, then you should give the Brow Satin a try (recently bought a back-up). I used the colour medium brown, as my brows are quite full and slightly dark. At first I wanted to get the dark brown colour but when I swatched it on my hand it seemed darker and naturally my brows are not that dark so this medium brown colour works better for me (it comes in a range of colour for everyone from the lightest shade to the darkest). It applies very well on the skin, like the name implies, it has a satin texture, probably why it gives the brows a natural look. It also comes in twist up pencil so no need to sharpen (Yay!) but be careful not to twist all the way up as it can break (I only twist it just a little bit to the tip).

Nars Lumunious weightless Foundation in shade New Guinea The Bodyshop Lightening Shade Adjusting Drops

Nars Luminous weightless Foundation in shade New Guinea
The Bodyshop Lightening Shade Adjusting Drops

After I’m done with defining my brows, I go ahead and mix these two products right here, which are the Nars Luminous weightless foundation and the Bodyshop Lightening Shade Adjusting Drops. The reason why I do this, is simply because I bought the wrong shade of Foundation which is about two shades darker, (I Know!) you might be probably wondering but I’ll explain further in another post, but this shade adjusting drops has been a life saver and it goes really well with my foundation, I add about 2-3 drops and mix with 2 pumps of the Nars foundation to get the right shade.  I absolutely love this Nars foundation and it has lasted since last year summer. Like I said in the previous post I wear make-up on most days to work, usually 5 days in a week. I Love this foundation so much along with the shade adjusting drops by the Bodyshop, that it deserves a separate blog post (coming soon).

Well to set my foundation and keep everything looking matte and flawless, I use the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder and trust me when I say a little of this goes a very long way.

That’s it for this blog post

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