Braid out results using the LCO method

So As I have a low porosity hair, it is really essential that I find ways to keep my hair hydrated and retain moisture. One of the methods I came across a while back whilst scouring Youtube for some natural hair tutorials, is the LCO method which I talked about in my previous wash day routine post.  The LCO method basically stands for Leave- in (Water or conditioner), Cream and OIl, so hence you have to apply your hair products in this order. I find that this method works well for my low porosity hair as opposed to the original method which is the LOC, whereby the the Oil is applied first before the Cream. My hair gets dry very easily, so by doing the LCO method it helps to lock in moisture by finishing off with an oil to finally seal in all the other moisturing products that were initially applied.


Braid Out result

Braid Out result (Back Section)

To achieve this braid out, After my hair wash routine, on wet hair, I apply the Shea moisture JBCO leave-in conditioner as my ‘Leave-in’ and then apply the Shea moisture JBCO styling lotion on top as my ‘Cream’  then to define my curls I used the Shea moisture Coconut and Hibiscus gel souffle (does a great job at defining my curls, plus a little goes a long way) and then  seal it off with an oil, in this case I used Jojoba oil.

Braid out

Braid out (Front section)

When I took out the braids the next day, my hair felt so soft and fluffy and really moisturised. In this picture, the back section was not completely dry and is usually frizzy and likewise the crown section of my hair. Normally my curls are always frizzy so to achieve some sort of definition to my curls using these products was amazing. However I usually wear my hair in a low bun to protect the ends especially in winter and because my hair is still short (nape/neck length) and prone to dryness, I prefer tucking the ends away in a bun.  Normally to do this, I would part my hair into two sections and braid my hair in sort of a goddess braid and then tie the rest into a low bun and this is how I wear it for the rest of the week while refreshing the braids every two days as my hair is prone to frizz.

Braid Out

Braid Out (Up close)











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